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Long Distance

surrounded byelectronic susurrations surrounded by electronic susurrations we talk whispering sweet love and raging passion encased in organic curves customized Apollos fondled so readily (so handily) screaming bloody damnation and murder thrown every which way emotion converted to electron and back debating infinite degrees of gray art transformed to math summed back into art multiplied […]

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On Microsoft-bashing

Flip…Not everything is bad with Microsoft. Historically, its flaws were the reason us oldie software techies had a source of living. lol! 500 buckeroos (thats philippine pesos) just to change the windows explorer settings because the users suddenly started seeing files that “didn’t used to be there”. Or, someone changed the mouse pointer graphic into […]

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early morning wish

if i could freeze all your worries in a single teardrop of early morning dew, so it disappears in sparkling anonymity, and perhaps the whole lot whisked away by early dawn’s last tendrils of cool zephyrs when touched by blissfully peeking warmth of sunlight, then i could, perhaps, soothe your psychic ravines, into gently rolling […]

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