This Dad’s Schoolday Morning Routine

Wake up at 5am with son. (Or get woken up by son ? )

First cup of coffee while son takes a bath.

Check that breakfast is being prepared.

School uniform pressed? Shoes clean?

Fire up pc to get email.

Second cup of coffee.

Put school allowance on study table.

Remind son to check school books and
notebooks after he’s dressed.

Breakfast with son and lunchbox preparations.

Did he brush his teeth?

Third cup of coffee.

Last-minute check of stuff (books, notebooks,
assignments, projects, lunchbox, allowance)

Make sure son gets on a jeep-ride to school.

Clean up the mess from school preparations
(fix up bed, store hangers, sweep floor,
store errant slippers, hang damp towel,
throw pajamas in laundrybasket)

El cigarillo and fourth cup of coffee while waiting
for a possible phone call because someone left something.

Start the rest of the day.