On Microsoft-bashing

Flip…Not everything is bad with Microsoft. Historically, its flaws were the reason us oldie software techies had a source of living.


500 buckeroos (thats philippine pesos) just to change the windows explorer settings because the users suddenly started seeing files that “didn’t used to be there”. Or, someone changed the mouse pointer graphic into an hourglass and no one knew how to change it back to an arrow. Or, no one could print their docs over the network anymore (they started the Win95 or WinME workstation to which the printer was attached, with the printer off.)

Seriously, it’s still the most widely used OS today (albeit the market share %’s are changing faster now.) For those of us who develop or help to develop OSS platforms and applications, the MS products still act as a pretty good benchmark, especially in the field of useability. If only for that role against which all OSS work should strive to supercede, we should all thank Gates and his gang.

Back to the flip side…

So many of the little things we take for granted in any GUI platform were popularized by their software. Example, how would you like it if  you wake up one day to discover that the window close button (that small X button) was in the lower leftmost corner of the window instead of where we all assume it is (in the upper rightmost corner)?

“Badtrip! Click ako ng click sa upper right corner, walang nangyayari!”
“Hala walang button!”
“Ay! Ano tong nasa lower left?”
“Hala, bat andyan yan!?”


In any case, just a small piece of advice to all you bashers out there:

Its perfectly okay to bash, as long as you know the back-stories of what you’re bashing. If you don’t, take the time to find out first.